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Maternal and Infant Training Manikins

Maternal Emergency Simulator

Advanced Delivery and Maternal and Neonatal Emergency Simulator

This system constructed with gravida, neonate, new born transfusion manikin, new born emergency manikin and software simulates prenatal examination, delivery and postpartum care, providing typical difficult labour cases, such as normal delivery, cord around neck delivery, diffcult breech delivery, preclampsia, c-section delivery, fore0lying of umbilical cord, immature labour, potenital antepartum, birth and postpartum hemorrhage, to instruct obstetric workers to identify the different stages of labour through partogram, clinical diagnosis of abnormal labour and take reasonable treatment accordingly.

Infant Nursing Simulator

Infant Nursing Simulator

Realistic fontanels, coronal suture and parietal suture, place nasal and oral gastric tubes, rectal temperature measurement, umblilicus nursing, testiculus in the scrotum, training of bathing, lactation, lavage etc.

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