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Surgical Dressing
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Medical Products

Surgical Apparels

X-Ray Detectable Sponges & Swabs

Surgical Dressings

Hospital Bandages

Dressing & Procedure Packs

Rehabilition Supplies

Protex 4 Drape System

Surgical Instruments

Surgical Dressing
Non Woven Combines

Non- Woven Combines

Gauze Combines

Gauze Combines

Eye Pads

Eye Pads

Cotton Wool Balls

Cotton Wool Balls

White Gauze Cwabs

White Gauze Swabs

Non Woven Swabs

Non-Woven Swabs

Cotton Tipped Applicator - Wooden Stem

Wooden Stem Cotton Tipped Applicators

Plastic Stem Mouth & throat Swabsticks

Plastic Stem Mouth & Throat Swabsticks

Non Adherent Dressing

Non-Adherent Dressings

Island Dressings

Island Dressings

Wound Dressing

Wound Dressing

Tapes & Anchoring Devices

Tapes and Achoring Devices

Plain Packing Gauze

Plain Packing Gauzes

Green Gauze Swabs

Green Gauze Swabs

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