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Protex 4 Drape System

Protex 4 from Mulitigate, represent a great leap forward in OR drape technology Combining state of the art materials with the latest in laminating processes, Protex 4 provides superior protection to the patient and surgical team.

This remarkable material forms an impermeable barrier with high absorbency, high tear resistance and tensile strength, Protex 4 has been rigorously tested and meets the criteria for EN 13795 and AAMI PB-70. Protex 4 is engineered with two layer system and features the following benefits :

* 100% impervious

* High absorbency and speed

* Low linting

* Strong yet flexible

* Latex free

* Excellent patient comfort

* A wide range of product combinations


Protex 4 Construction Layer

The top layer is a non woven microfibre fabric which provides a super- absorbent fluid control barrier, The next layer is an impervious, polythyylene membrane.

Ultra Reinforcement

Critical area on the drapes are further strengthened with the addition of a layer of Ultra Reinforcement fabric.

Drapes that available are as follows :

Basic Drape & Accessories

  • Equipment Covers
  • Drape Sheets
  • Split DrapesAperture Drapes
  • Drapes Sets
  • Utility Drapes Fenestrated
  • Back Table Covers
  • Mayor Covers
  • Fluid Pouches
  • Stockinette and Leggings


  • Orthopaedic Drapes
  • U Drapes
  • Extremity Drapes
  • Shoulder Drapes
  • Hand Drapes
  • Knee Drapes
  • Hip Drapes

General Surgery

  • Laparotomy Drapes with Incise
  • Abdo-Laparoscopy T-Drape
  • Laparoscopy Spinal Drape

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Peri-Gynae
  • Obstetric

Urology and Cystoscopy

  • Turp Drape
  • Cystoscopy Drape


  • Neonatal Drape
  • Paediatric Drape

Neuro Surgery

  • Cranial Drape with Incise
  • Spinal Drape Set


Cardiac & Angiography

  • Cardiac Drape
  • CV Groin Drape
  • CV Split Drape
  • Angiography Drape
  • Femoral Angiography Drape

Ophthalmic & ENT

  • Ophthalmic
  • Nose
  • ENT
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