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PPM Medical partner with Multigate to provide sterile basic dressing and associated procedure packs to specifications put forward by the Government tender authorities and large hospital groups.

We have a wide and comprehensive range from Basic Dressings and Wound Management Packs, Catheterisation and Anaesthetic Trays, to IV Starter Kits.

Should the dynamics of your health specialty require a pack outside our current range, Please contact our Sales Consultant at

+65 6353-3319 or email us !

We would be pleased to work with you and your purchasing authority in establishing specifications and prototype samples to suit.

Basic Dressing Set

Basic Dressing Packs

Large Dressing Packs

Large Dressing Packs

Wound Procedure Kits

Wound Procedure Kits

A & E Dressing Packs

A & E Dressing Packs

Universal Dressing Packs

Universal Dressing Packs

General Procedure Pack

General Procedure Packs

Catheter Procedure Packs

Catheter Procedure Packs

Anaethetic Skin Prep Sets

Anaethetic Skin Prep Sets

Basic I.V. Starter Sets

Basic I.V. Starter Kits

Surgical Shave Packs

Surgical Shave Pack

Dialysis Procedure Sets

Dialysis Procedure Set

Tracheotomy Packs

Tracheotomy Pack

M>S>U Packs

M.S.U Packs

Eye Dressing Packs

Eye Dressing Packs

Suction Pack

Suction Packs

Micro-Urine Packs

Micro-Urine Packs

Saphenous Vien Graft Packs

Saphenous Vein Graft Pack

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