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Medical Training Products

Emergency Training Manikins

Varies manikins for different emergency role play. It have realistic anatomical structure of mouth, Pharynx and tracheal of infant, child and adult.

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Physical Examination Training Systems

Varies manikins for different physical examination practise. Used for teaching, practise and assessment of student. the manikin greatly enhance students interests in study and improving teaching quality of skills training.

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Clinical Trainiing Simulators

Manikin are specially made for specific symptom or illnesses, this manikin are used in clinic for training.

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Nursing Skills Training Simulators

Life size arm and limb for nusres training for injection, artery puncture, with electronic blood circulation device with realistic blood flow.

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Maternal and Infant Training Manikins

Training model for nurse on maternal lady and infant,

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Human Systems Anatomical Manikins

life size manikin with detail parts for teaching purpose.

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Stomatology Training Models

Varies designed available for teaching of dental care.

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