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Sliding Stretcher Cart


Patient Transfer Trolley Electric Type

Features :

  • Folded bed side rail.
  • Central locking system.
  • Center wheel system.
  • Oxygen cyclinder holder.
  • Sliding Mattress
  • Overview
  • Specification
  • Accessories

Bed side rails are provided and can be folded with a one touch operation. It comes with an easy to electric operate switch that controls the hi low position, enabling the stretcher to be adjusted to match the height of the bed. All four wheels can be locked or unlocked by means of a single pedal operation. A center wheel is equipped under the stretcher.

This wheel enable the bed to moved easily and smoothly. Option for hanging of O2 gas tank.

Side Rail Handle

Side Rail Holder

Sliding Stretcher Cart

Safety on patients get higher
as the double locking
system has been applied


Center-concentrated brake
pedal and height-control
O2 Tank Hanger

O2 Tank hanger (Option)

Sliding Mattress

Pull down the side rail after equalizing the height of the car with that of the bed. Then, patients can be easily transferred as the mattress moves towards the bed. Plus, a cluch is installed inside the steering wheels, so that steering wheels idle when the mattress finishes its movement. Like this, it can be prevented from being broken down.
Model :


Size : 2020 x 660 x 530 ~ 830 mm
Frame : Steel pipe
Top : P.P.
Base : Steel pipe
Body : Aluminum
Pump :

Oil hygraulic pump

Finish : Electrostatic powder coating (Use of the epoxy- polyester)
Casters : 6 inch swivel caster (central locking system)

Standard Acc.

I.V. Pole : 1 Ea


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