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Premium Hospital Bed Type 1

Model : HL-SK-154

Hospital Bed Type 1

Features :

  • Size : 2250 x 995 x 490 ~ 890 mm
  • Bumper
  • Auxiliary wheel
  • CPR lever
  • Centralized foot brakes
  • O2 tank hanger
  • X-Ray cassette
  • Dining table
  • Overview
  • Specification
  • Accessories
Bumper Auxiliary Wheel CPR Lever Foot Brakes


Auxiliary wheel

CPR Lever

Centralized Foot Brakes

The swivel bumper, at the end
of the bed sides, protect the bed
and hospital facilities when moving.
By mounting the secondary wheel.
In the middle of the bed, good availability to go straight on and
360 ° rotation is available.
Pull the CPR lever in an emergency situation, within 4 seconds the top panel and foot panel become the horizontal state and CPR can be performed quickly. Left and right side, Two brake
pedals can be operated to 4
wheels simultaneously.


O2 Tank Holder X Ray Panel X Ray Panel Dining Table
O2 Tank Hanger X-Ray cassette installed in the top panel, Patients
lying on the bed, can be taken X-Ray for top body.
Dining Table
Hand SW
Hand S/W that can be housed under the bed, and can be hung on the side rail or panel, Hand S/W Tray can be used as an extra storage space.

Bed Sore 1

Common bed, by mounting the bedsore prevention mattress on panels, and adjusting the angle of panel, the top panel and foot panel moving towards the butt panel and the patient will be pressure on the pelvis.

At this time, as well as the patient
uncomfortable, bedsore prevention
mattress can also be damaged. In
addition, when the action starts the
mattress is out of place.

Bed Sore 2

Improved bed, by mounting the
bedsore-prevention mattress
on panels and adjusting the
angle of panels, the top panel
and foot panel moving towards
the direction of the arrow and
the patient can take a comfortable position.

This ergonomic design also extend the life of the bedsore prevention mattress.

0 ° ~ 18 ° Trendelenburg position
Reverse Trendelenburg
0°~18° Trendelenburg

I.C.U. Bed Control S/W

SW Carer SW Patient Scale Operation Medical Line Up

S/W for carer

S/W for patient

Scale operations S/W

S/W for medical lineup

By placing two control switches
on the outside of left and right
side-rails, operation is possible from the left and right side.
By placing two control switches on
the inside of left and right side-rails, operation is possible from the left
and right side.
Built-in scale that Patients can
see their weight. Key features :
patient escape from the bed when
the buzzer sounded. Patient with a blanket covering, except the weight
of the blanket only the patient’s
weight can be measured.
Switch for medical lineup can possible to operate the Trendelenburg position. Trendelenburg position and the tilt angle is displayed by numbers. Safety devices to prevent the switch operation of patient and carer. CPR, one-touch buttons that will reset to horizontal bed. Medical operation panel when not in use can be stowed out of sight.
Model : HL-SK-154
Size : 2250 x 995 x 490 ~ 890 mm
Bed top : A.B.S
Side rail : P.P
Head, foot panel : P.P
Base cover : A.B.S
Frame : Steel pipe
LINAK Actuator : 2 Ea
LINAK Lifting Column : 2 Ea
(Made in DENMARK)    
6" (Centralized) : 4 Ea
6" (Straight Only) : 1 Ea
Top : 830 x 1953 mm
External dimensions : 995 x 2250 mm
Lowest height : 490 mm
Maximum height : 890 mm
Top panel : 0 degree ~ 75 degree
Foot panel : 0 degree ~ 40 degree
Trendelenburg : 0 degree ~ 18 degree
Reverse Trendelenburg : 0 degree ~ 18 degree
Scale : 0 ~ 250 kg
Finish : Electrostatic powder coating (Use of the epoxy-polyester)

Optional items :

  1. O2 tank holder
  2. X-Ray cassette
  3. Dining table
  4. Hand S/W
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