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General Hospital Bed

Model : HL-SK-101

Hospital Bed Type 1

Features :

  • Size : 2176 x 926 x 400 mm
  • 2 cranks
  • Side rail
  • Head / Foot panel
  • Table
  • Upper panel cover
  • Manually Operated
  • Overview
  • Specification
  • Accessories
Bumper Auxiliary Wheel CPR Lever Foot Brakes

Side rail

Head / Foot panel

Foot Panel

Upper Panel Cover

A holder pin is fixed on
the horizontal pipe so that
both sides have excellent
strenghth. Plus, its appearance
looks slim. (Patent pending)
Head and foot panel
that can be installed and
removed by one-touch
Panel is not to be projected
to external space when
steering wheels are folded,
so that the medical team
and protectors of patients
can be prevented from
getting hurt and the product
can be protected from
getting damaged.(Patent
pending and its design is
registered in Korean Intellectual
Property Office.)
Hinge and pin that connect
the upper panel are covered
so that the lifespan
of mattress can be lengthened
and your hands can
be prvented from getting
hurt while you replacing the
mattress cover.


A all-in-one table made of
P.P material
Model : HL-SK-101
Size : 2176 x 926 x 400 mm
Bed frame : Steel plate
Bed top : P.P
Head, Foot panel : P.P
Finish : Electrostatic powder coating (Use of the epoxy-polyester)
Casters : 5 inch swivel caster
Std. Acc.    
Over bed table : 1 Ea
Side rail : 2 Ea
I.V. Pole : 1 Ea
Mattress : 1 Ea
Remark : 2 Cranks


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