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Emergency Cart Type 3

Emergency Cart Type 3

Features :

  • Maximizes storages,
  • Takes up less floor space.
  • Ergonomic designed push-handle and efficient structure.
  • pull- out sliding typed writing shelf makes efficiency of space application.
  • Total locking key system.
  • Colour : Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.
  • Upgradeed efficiency of storing and mobility.
  • Each drawer had ABS baskets with well organising dividers
  • Calmed and good rolling 5" casters with brake.
  • Size : 920 (1500) x 520 x 1030 mm
  • Overview
  • Specification
  • Accessories

The small unit footprint mazimizes storage, yet takes up less floor space. The side storage units conveniently swing out when needed, than close back into the cart reducing the footprint and providing a handle for maneuverability.

Handy tilt bins manufactured for fitting to side storage items. Can store various kind of nurse's items, more safely and usefully keeping all necessary items, than also easily exchanged when empty.

Drawers are made from ABS material providing duablility.

It come with 5 inch casters with two lockable brakes.


Size (L x D X H / mm) Remark


1020 (1310) x 520 x 1030 Nil


920 (1500) x 520 x 1030 Nil


1020 (1310) x 520 x 1030 Nil


920 (1500) x 520 x 1030 Nil


1020 (1310) x 520 x 1030 Nil


920 (1500) x 520 x 1030 Nil
Top Plate : Polyproplyene
Body : Aluminum Column & ABS plastic
Drawer : ABS plastic & aluminum 567 (467) x 438 x 208 mm
Drawer : ABS plastic & aluminum 567 (467) x 438 x 68 mm
Drawer : ABS plastic & aluminum 567 (467) x 438 x 138 mm
Basket : ABS plastic
C.P.R board : ABS plastic
I.V Pole : SUS
Side storage : ABS Plastic
Caster : 5 inch
Dust box : ABS plastic
Top system I : Powder coated steel & ABS plastic & SUS
Utility Container IV Holder Rod Push Handle

Utility Container

Transparent Swinging utility containers used to contain object such as chart plate or record

IV Holder Rod

Use for holding IV bag, maximum of 5 bags

Push Handle

For better grip

Side Storage Dust Bin Side Storage

Side Storage ( A Type)

Tilt bin.

Plastic Dust Box 2 each Made from ABS

Use for putting waste

Side Storage ( B Type)

Tilt bin only. Dust box not included

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